YouGov Travel Oracle

The YouGov Travel Oracle is an annual syndicated online study of consumer habits and attitudes towards travel and tourism across the Middle East and North Africa.

Running since 2010, it tracks changes that occur in the industry over time - which provide invaluable insight into the evolving behaviour of the modern Middle East travel consumer.

Recent findings

The latest Travel Oracle surveyed 33,708 respondents from the YouGov online panel in MENA between September and October 2015.

View a snapshot of some of our recent findings.

YouGov Travel Oracle Insight: Use of Technology in MENA YouGov Travel Oracle Insight: What you didn't know about MENA travellers
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What Insight Does the Travel Oracle Provide?

Below are the information areas the Travel Oracle focuses on. Equal emphasis is placed on both business and personal travel insight - where respondents are profiled for both their leisure and business travel habits, rather than an 'either or' approach.

Leisure Travel

  • Travel frequency in last 12 months
  • Usage of Low Cost Carriers
  • Class of travel
  • Regions/countries traveled to
  • Drivers of leisure destination choice
  • Type of accommodation used
  • Trip details including spend
  • Expectation of future travel frequency
  • Travel booking methods

Business Travel

  • Travel frequency in last 12 months
  • Class of travel
  • Regions/countries traveled to
  • Travel booking methods
  • Corporate travel policies
  • Factors influencing airline choice
  • Factors influencing hotel choice
  • Expectation of future travel frequency

Airlines & Hotels

  • Awareness
  • Usage
  • Usage in the last 12 months
  • Most frequently used
  • Favorite
  • Membership in loyalty programs

Halal Tourism

  • Awareness and importance
  • Associations and interest
  • Essential attributes of Halal tourism

Use of Technology in Travel

  • Online booking behavior
  • Impact of technology on travel
  • Devices taken on holiday and purpose

Luxury Travel

  • Understanding of luxury travel
  • Perceptions of luxury travel - what it means to be luxurious
  • Favorite luxury destinations
  • Luxury package booking

Looking for Reliable Travel Insight in MENA?

The YouGov Travel Oracle runs annually to our online panelists across the MENA region. For further exclusive highlights or to enquire about the full 2014 Travel Oracle data findings, please contact Scott Booth on +971 4 365 2736.

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