Qualitative Research

Our Unique Approach

YouGov’s qualitative team cherishes its boutique heritage and philosophy. Our highly skilled and passionate researchers preserve our reputation as having ‘arguably the strongest qualitative expertise in the region.’

Our expertise extends into the realm of marketing consulting. We treat each and every project as a special and unique experience - immersing ourselves into the issues, data and analysis in order to unearth the strategic answers.

Motivational research is the foundation of our practice

Motivational research allows us to solve marketing challenges by identifying effective, cutting-edge insights. It explains why people think and behave as they do by delving into their deepest or subconscious motivations.

To achieve this, we apply a host of specialist non-verbal tools and techniques including Psycho-Scope, semiotic analysis and other creative projective techniques. In addition, four other key values underpin our day to day work. We are:

  • Immersive: We immerse ourselves in our consumers’ and clients’ worlds
  • Grounded: We have years of experience across the region
  • Flexible: We flex our approach and look to innovation to effectively solve problems
  • Multi-dimensional: We explore data to find links and themes to tell interesting, deep and unified stories

Our qualitative research specialisms

We have developed specialist expertise in the following areas:

  • Target Audience Understanding 
  • Category Exploration
  • Brand Equity & Positioning
  • Shopper Research/Retail Strategy
  • Concept Development & Evaluation
  • Communications Development & Evaluation

We love technology

Beyond traditional qualitative methodologies, we use technology to bring people together in their own environment to discover fresh and authentic insight.

Online methods such as bulletin boards, mobile ethnography and social medial groups can be used for most study types which are either combined with traditional methods or used alone. The deliverables provide an engaging multimedia visual landscape of your consumer’s world.

To discuss your requirements please contact Jamie Waskey on +971 4 365 2735.