YouGov’s media research consulting team has extensive experience and expertise internationally as well as across the MENA region in helping clients understand the media landscape and how consumers interact with multiple media channels.

We have conducted studies ranging from building and managing reader panels, to presenter evaluation, readership and brand analysis tracking, brand health and positioning research as well as audience segmentation.

Custom Reseach

Custom Research

Research in this sector often employs a range of methodologies, depending on the market under investigation, the study’s objectives and target audiences of interest, including online, offline, qualitative and quantitative approaches. Studies conducted in this sector include:

  • Presenter Evaluation & Rating – Study conducted for a major international broadcaster looking to establish itself in the region to help them fill their roster of presenters. The research took place in KSA, UAE, Egypt and Morocco and involved both online and offline methodologies.   
  • Building & Managing Reader Panels - YouGov manages two customer panels for a major international broadcaster, covering both their quality and popular (tabloid) titles. Each customer panel has approximately 10,000 members and between them, these two panels supported over 100 surveys in a calendar year (nearly 70,000 completed questionnaires). YouGov also ran a detailed Brand Tracker for the client using its pure research panel.
  • Reader Profiling – Study conducted for a popular newspaper designed to arrive at a detailed profile of a ‘typical’ reader. The research also aimed to explore the newspaper’s brand equity and track it over time. Ultimately, insights gained from the study were leveraged by the client’s strategic and marketing team to manage the brand’s positioning within the competitive landscape and to attract advertising revenue.
  • Concept Test & Pricing Research – Study conducted for TV channel to assess understanding of new service/feature and ascertain level of interest in this new offering. Research also looked to identify the most promising market(s) for the new concept, the most desirable content as well as information which would help the client set an adequate pricing structure/optimum price for the new service/feature.
  • Brand Image/Health – Research conducted for TV channel to explore its relative positioning in the market and identify opportunities for future development. The study was conducted in Pakistan and involved online qualitative groups as well as online and face-to-face interviews. Insights gained were leveraged by the client to make strategic decisions about its future growth and direction.
  • Brand Tracking – Exercise conducted with Arabs across the region (KSA, UAE, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco and Kuwait) to track awareness and consumption of key media across the region. The study ran on a quarterly basis and aimed to provide the client with information on how different media is consumed as well as feedback on current offering and personalities vis-à-vis competition. Findings were leveraged to provide guidance on the TV channels’ future direction.
  • Audience Segmentation – Study conducted for Saudi TV channel aiming to profile and segment young Saudi males based on their habits and attitudes. Insights from the study helped the client develop marketing initiatives and platforms to increase brand loyalty and engagement among this target audience.
  • New Media – Study conducted in UAE and KSA looking to explore current readership habits and ascertain how newspaper and other digital media options are impacting print readership, if at all.
Data & Insight Reports

Data & Insight

YouGov offers a range of services which allow our clients to choose and customize their final level of reporting depending on their needs, timelines and budgets. Deliverables range from basic tables of results, to additional statistical analysis and interpretation, to strategic advice from our industry experts.

YouGov Panel

Online Panel

YouGov operates a pure research online panel of over 4 million respondents in 37 countries globally. These respondents represent a wide range of ages, socio-economic groups and other demographic types which allow us to access hard to reach groups and create nationally representative online samples. Our Middle East & North Africa and South Asia panel currently has over 500,000 members across 21 countries.

Media consumption information

The many studies we have conducted in the media sector and the extensive profiling surveys we run on a regular basis means our panel is not only highly engaged but we also hold detailed, up-to-date and accurate profiles regarding their media consumption habits. Some of the detailed media consumption information we have across the region includes:

  • TV ownership/number of TV sets owned
  • Type & size of TV set owned
  • Type of TV access/service
  • Awareness of TV news stations
  • Recency of watching TV stations
  • Program genres watched most often
  • Key sources of information re: new TV programs
  • Number of hours watch TV/week
  • Radio listening
  • Newspaper and magazine readership
  • Use of online vs. traditional media
  • Use of social media
  • Online habits and attitudes

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