Financial Services

Our specialist financial services research team understands how consumers are adapting and coping with the economic realities, their expertise helps clients tune and improve their products and services.

Custom Research

Custom Research

We offer clients in-depth insights on markets and consumers across the region, ranging from category usage, brand equity measurement/tracking, product and concept development and testing, as well as advertising assessment (pre and post launch evaluation of content and media pressure). We also provide expertise in customer and employee satisfaction evaluation and related activities such as mystery shopping. Our projects have covered different consumer segments from retail and high net worth consumers to business banking involving corporates and SMEs. Some of the studies conducted in this sector over the last few years include:

  • Usage & Attitudes, Brand Analysis – A study to understand the banking habits and practices of customers and what differentiates one bank from another on tangible and intangible attributes. The results identified barriers to banking in a nascent market in order to address and expand market share. Findings helped the bank develop a positioning platform and entry-level products and services to attract non-bankers and strength loyalty amongst their current customer base.
  • Customer Satisfaction, Segmentation & Profiling – Assessment of how consumers select the banks they use, the key products and services that matter, as well as capturing satisfaction levels with current bank(s). Created a baseline segmentation of the market for benchmarking and future marketing activities and gained insights to develop tailored banking products and marketing and to maintain marketing communication strategies.
  • People’s Saving Index – Development of a first of its kind ‘People’s Savings Index’ in the GCC based on saving potential, the savings environment, and financial stability. The ‘People’s Savings Index’ is a tracking study which identifies savings priorities, savings avenues and factors that could potentially affect planned savings.  The research allowed the client to pioneer a savings culture in the region by developing and offering relevant products to their target audience.
  • CSR Activities Assessment – Provides an understanding of stakeholder’s perception towards a bank’s CSR activities and identified activities of significance and how CSR activities affect customers/employees/investors perception towards the benefactor. The results determined the effectiveness of the banks current CSR activities and highlighted the activities which required greater impetus to enhance the banks image amongst its customers, investors and NGOs.
  • Concept Evaluation – Study evaluating the attractiveness and relevance of new concepts developed by the bank amongst its target audience (mass affluent and affluent segments). Each concept was assessed on key attributes including relevance, attractiveness and buy-in from the customers. The research helped the client to fine tune the product offerings to optimize on investment and returns.
  • Category Drivers & Barriers, Market Size Assessment: – A study conducted for a global insurance brand in one of the key GCC markets, including both mass retail and high net worth segments. The study was aimed at understanding the penetration of insurance products and the drivers and barriers towards adoption of insurance products and services. The results identified new opportunities in the sector and allowed for a market sizing assessment of various insurance products. 
Data & Insight Reports

Data & Insight

YouGov offers a range of services which allow our clients to choose and customize their final level of reporting depending on their needs, timelines and budgets. Deliverables range from basic tables of results, to additional statistical analysis and interpretation, to strategic advice from our industry experts.

Aside from customized research, we provide off-the-shelf financial services products, including the YouGov Finance Oracle and Consumer Confidence Index.

YouGov Panel

On-line Panel

YouGov operates a pure research online panel of over 4 million respondents in 37 countries globally. These respondents represent a wide range of ages, socio-economic groups and other demographic types which allow us to access hard to reach groups and create nationally representative online samples. Our Middle East & North Africa and South Asia panel currently has over 500,000 members across 21 countries.

Banking habits and preferences

The many studies we have conducted in the financial services sector and the rather extensive profiling surveys we run on a regular basis means our panel is not only highly engaged but we also hold detailed, up-to-date profiles of a large proportion of our panel regarding their banking habits and preferences, including:

  • Usage of banking products and services
  • Levels of satisfaction with current primary bank
  • Main sources of grievances
  • Attitudes towards Islamic banking
  • Attitude towards savings
  • Investment products usage
  • Credit cards ownership
  • Reliance on loans of various types
  • Insurance products ownership
  • Remittance habits

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