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Across the world there are huge differences in perceptions of trust and respect for banks. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the European countries surveyed are generally the least positive, while in Asia there is more variance. People from the UAE have a mostly positive impression while, perhaps due to the persistently stagnant economy, people in Japan are less optimistic. Australia and the US have responses that are generally more in the middle of the road. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, Americans seem to be largely more forgiving of financial institutions than Europeans, while Australians, less affected by the crisis on ... read more

With the Dubai Shopping Festival winding up, after a month packed with sales, fashion shows, parades, concerts and malls brimming with activity, there’s no better time to examine the shopping event’s popularity in the region, as well as the UAE’s shopping habits in general. Whether shopping at the nearest mall, shopping online for the newest gadgets, or even visiting the country to take part in the enormous sales, the love of shopping is very much alive in the UAE. Outside the UAE, GCC residents are well aware of DSF According to a recent YouGov Omnibus, as many as 60% of ... read more

The future has arrived - driverless cars are officially here. Driverless cars are currently being trialled in Dubai, driverless taxis are being trialled in Singapore and the USA, while in the UK trials have also been approved in selected areas. But how are driverless cars perceived by UAE Residents? A recent study using YouGov’s Omnibus Service, has found that most UAE residents are enthusiastic about driverless cars, with 57% of respondents aware of driverless car trials taking place in Downtown Dubai, however many have concerns over their safety and implementation. The study revealed that 58% of UAE residents are enthusiastic ... read more

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix the most well-known and Mubadala World Tennis Championship the most exciting sporting event of the holiday season With the holiday season very much upon us, there seems to be no better time to enjoy the various festivities and events that the UAE has to offer. This is especially the case when it comes to the numerous sporting events that are hosted in the country; be it the Dubai Rugby 7s, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix or the DP World Tour Championship, there’s plenty of sports to go around for everyone. A YouGov Omnibus measuring the levels ... read more

According to new study findings, residents in MENA spend more money during Ramadan, and the top purchases are food and groceries. Interestingly, the majority of those who fast find that their lifestyle only changes a little during the holy month, 62% find it easy to fast and 49% say their work productivity doesn't change. YouGov conducted research amongst both fasting and non-fasting residents to understand their habits when it comes to health, lifestyle, shopping and food during the holy month of Ramadan. Discover the full findings in the infographic below. This research was conducted online using YouGov's market leading Omnibus ... read more

The YouGov Omnibus is the perfect vehicle to quickly and cost-effectively find out people’s opinions, attitudes and behaviours. Omnibus is a shared cost, multi-client approach to survey research.