Nokia has been creating quite bit of buzz in recent months with a recent licensing agreement for HMD Global, and the launch of their new Android phone in China capturing the region’s attention As one of the oldest surviving mobile brands, Nokia has seen competitors rise and fall in recent years, but has failed to recapture the position it once held in the sector. Things seem to be back on the rise however, with the recent licensing of Nokia’s smartphone brand by Finnish start-up HMD Global seeming to add some zeal back into the brand. The YouGov BrandIndex Buzz score, ... read more

With the Dubai Shopping Festival winding up, after a month packed with sales, fashion shows, parades, concerts and malls brimming with activity, there’s no better time to examine the shopping event’s popularity in the region, as well as the UAE’s shopping habits in general. Whether shopping at the nearest mall, shopping online for the newest gadgets, or even visiting the country to take part in the enormous sales, the love of shopping is very much alive in the UAE. Outside the UAE, GCC residents are well aware of DSF According to a recent YouGov Omnibus, as many as 60% of ... read more

The Top Brands in 2016 – Highlights from the BrandIndex Buzz Rankings The 2016 annual BestBrand Rankings released by YouGov using our flagship daily brand tracker, BrandIndex have crowned national airline Emirates, mega food and beverage manufacturer, Almarai and world renowned social media giant Facebook as the most positively perceived brands in three Middle East countries for 2016. With 2016 coming to a close, the Annual BrandIndex Buzz Rankings have been released, and we’ve compiled a set of highlights for you below. The BrandIndex Buzz Rankings use the BrandIndex Buzz score – which measures whether respondents have heard something positive ... read more

Each month, we’ll be assessing which brands in UAE, KSA and Egypt have had the biggest uplift in Advertising Awareness. This month, in Egypt has shown the greatest increase in Advertising Awareness, according to BrandIndex – YouGov’s daily brand tracker. This surge likely stems from their various online and offline advertising campaigns, ranging from the catchy TV and YouTube adverts, to the White Friday and Daily Deal sales. BrandIndex’s Advertising Awareness score -- which measures whether respondents have seen any advertising for a brand in the past two weeks -- shows a large gain for in Egypt over ... read more

Home grown UAE brands have dominated YouGov BrandIndex’s first UAE Brand Advocacy rankings, which ranks brands that receive the highest recommendations from their own customers. From a pool of more than 410 major brands, the top 10 brands with the highest consumer recommendation levels were led by Emirates Airline at number one, followed by Emaar at number three. Etihad Airways in sixth place and Emirates NBD in tenth position. Even across a broad range of sectors, UAE based companies captured the highest recommendation levels from their customers, with the Travel sector coming out on top, followed by Real Estate and ... read more

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix the most well-known and Mubadala World Tennis Championship the most exciting sporting event of the holiday season With the holiday season very much upon us, there seems to be no better time to enjoy the various festivities and events that the UAE has to offer. This is especially the case when it comes to the numerous sporting events that are hosted in the country; be it the Dubai Rugby 7s, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix or the DP World Tour Championship, there’s plenty of sports to go around for everyone. A YouGov Omnibus measuring the levels ... read more

Each month, we’ll be assessing which brands in UAE, KSA and Egypt have had the biggest uplift in Advertising Awareness. This month, Dubai’s Global Village has shown the biggest improvements in its advertising awareness, according to BrandIndex – YouGov’s daily brand tracker. With the attraction’s 21st season beginning this month, there are multitudes of new pavilions including the all new Far East pavilion, the Algeria pavilion and the Eastern Europe pavilion. BrandIndex’s Advertising Awareness score, which measures whether respondents have seen any advertising for a brand in the past two weeks, shows a sharp increase for Global Village over the ... read more

In the weeks leading to Halloween and Diwali, Kit Kat is UAE residents’ most purchased brand of Chocolate. With two of the sweetest holidays of the year upon us, there is no better time to look at everyone’s favourite brand of Chocolate and find out which consumers fancy as their favourite holiday treat. BrandIndex, YouGov’s daily brand tracker, tracks a variety of chocolate and confectionary brands in the region. According to BrandIndex’s Current Customers score – which tracks respondents who have purchased a product in the past week – Kit Kat is the brand with the highest number of current ... read more

The Note 7’s indefinite production halt further hurts Samsung Mobile’s image, and appears to threaten their market share. Samsung Mobile’s newest phone, the Galaxy Note 7, has been the subject of a great deal of controversy over the past few months. The device, which was expected to drive new revenue for the brand, faced multiple battery issues worldwide, and forced the company to recall some 2.5 million devices. However, even that was not enough to calm the controversy, and the tech giant later decided to halt productions of the device altogether, and asked consumers to stop using it. According to ... read more

Mega brands Emirates, Almarai and Facebook have won the number one BestBrand status in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt respectively according to the YouGov BrandIndex 2016 Mid-Year BestBrand Rankings. The BestBrand Rankings, which were published in 26 countries worldwide, are compiled using the Buzz score from YouGov’s daily flagship brand tracker - BrandIndex. Buzz asks residents daily if they have 'heard anything positive or negative about a brand in the last two weeks, through advertising, news or word-of-mouth’. Respondents are interviewed on YouGov’s online panel. 2016 has seen both Emirates and Almarai embrace heavy digital multi-channel campaigns to engage consumers. ... read more